Fell's Point Neighboring Communities

Neighboring communities include Butchers Hill, Canton, Charles Village, Little Italy, Patterson Park, Spanish Town and Upper Fell's Point.

  • Butchers Hill
    Butchers Hill Historic District is an irregularly shaped area roughly bounded by East Fayette Street on the north, Patterson Park Avenue on the east, East Pratt Street on the south, and South Chapel, North Washington, and North Chester Streets on the west.
  • Canton
    Canton brings the best of Baltimore -- waterfront, quirky characters, historic rowhomes, and close community -- into one wonderful neighborhood. It is no wonder that Canton real estate has become some of the hottest in the city.
  • Charles Village
    Originally named Peabody Heights, after one of Baltimore's most genereous benefactors and the area's advantageous elevation, the neighborhood now known as Charles Village was an early experiment in suburban living.
  • Little Italy
    Nestled between the Inner Harbor and historic Fells Point, more than seven million people annually visit Little Italy to dine at its almost 30 restaurants, watch outdoor films, participate in bocce tournaments, attend festivals of the saints, worship at Mass, take Italian classes, attend church suppers, partake in events at the Sons of Italy Lodge, or simply stroll through the friendly narrow streets to experience a bit of the sapore (flavor) and ambiente (ambiance) of the old country – Italia.
  • Patterson Park
    The Friends of Patterson Park is a non-profit membership organization formed in 1998 to promote, protect and advocate for our treasured common ground so that it can be enjoyed for generations to come. We believe that a well used and well tended park contributes to the health and vitality of the diverse communities who call Patterson Park the Best Backyard in Baltimore.
  • Spanish Town
    Although the "proper" Spanish Town area goes from Central Ave in the East to Heaven Street in the West, the "core" or "central district" is found between Central in the East and Patterson Park in the West and Baltimore Street in the North and Fleet Street in the south, just above the most visited and authentic Maritime Areas of Baltimore: Fells Point.
  • Upper Fell's Point
    Bordered by Broadway on the west, Washington St on the east, Eastern Ave. on the south, and Lombard St on the north; Upper Fells Point's got a hardscrabble exterior, a booming Latino community, a dash of the old-school Baltimore that's being edged out in most of the city's up-and-coming environments.
  • City Neighborhoods
    Live Baltimore's map "Discover Baltimore City Neighborhoods" with links to their page on each neighborhood.
  • Google Maps
    We used to have local business listings on this web page, but it was difficult to keep this feature current. If you click on this Google Maps link and zoom as needed, you'll find most of the local business listed, along with their exact locations, contact information, neighbors, etc.


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