Jack Trautwein

PJ Trautwein

Pastor Jack “PJ” Trautwein started his Fell’s Point shop, "PJ’s Place," since the early ‘70’s after he quit pastoring a Northwest Baltimore church. He gradually got back into the ministry again, conducting wakes for Fell’s Point characters, then later holding services on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Currently, PJ is the town crier and conducts tours for the Preservation Society, in addition to pastoring a small Ellicott City church.

In this interview, PJ tells this story. It was conducted at the Whistling Oyster, 807 S. Broadway, Baltimore, MD on January 23, 2004 by Jacquie and Kraig Greff of Tonal Vision LLC in preparation for their documentary, Fell's Point Out of Time.

PJ Trautwein Interview #1 Transcript of Jan. 13, 2004 interview

PJ Trautwein Interview #2 Transcript of Jan. 23, 2004 interview


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