Geoffrey Footner

Geoffrey Footner

Geoffrey M. Footner is a Fell’s Point resident and historian who has authored a number of books and articles about Chesapeake Bay shipbuilding, maritime and naval history, including USS Constellation: From Frigate to Sloop of War, The Last Generation: A History of a Chesapeake Bay Shipbuilding Family and Tidewater Triumph: The Development and Worldwide Success of the Chesapeake Bay Pilot Schooner.

In this interview, Geoffrey tells some of his stories. It was conducted in his home at 909 Fell St., Baltimore MD on April 24, 2003 by Jacquie and Kraig Greff of Tonal Vision LLC in preparation for their documentary, Fell's Point Out of Time.

Geoffrey Footner Interview Transcript of Nov. 24, 2003 interview


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