Ed Kane

Ed Kane

Ed Kane, a Baltimore native, was the founder and, along with his wife Cammie, owner of Ed Kane’s Water Taxi.

Ed was originally a community affairs representative for Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. He got involved in planning the first Baltimore City Fair in 1970, an effort to restore optimism and unity in the wake of the 1968 riots, and eventually he chaired that project.

Known as a “loving curmudgeon”, Ed died of lung cancer on May 10, 2003, the day after the second interview for the documentary Fell's Point Out of Time. The unseen interviewer in this video is Richard Kirstel, Ed's brother-in-law. The videographer is Jacquie Greff of Tonal Vision.

First interview, April 30, 2003

Second interview, May 9, 2003

Ed Kane Interviews Transcript of April 30 & May 9, 2003 interviews


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