Bob Eney

Bob Eney

Robert L. "Bob" Eney is a Baltimore-born architectural historian who moved to Fell's Point after working in New York. Bob's surveys of Fell's Point's buildings helped get the community on the National Register of Historic Places, which was pivotal in preventing demolition for a series of freeways in the 1970's. The Rehabilitation Sourcebook and other documents he authored laid the groundwork for much of the preservation done since then, and he personally helped restore the Robert Long House, Baltimore's oldest residential building.

In this interview, Bob tells this story. It was conducted in his home on January 24, 2004 by Jacquie and Kraig Greff of Tonal Vision LLC in preparation for their documentary, Fell's Point Out of Time.

To view the documentary online, along with a walking tour of some of Fell's Point's architecture hosted by Bob Eney visit:

Bob Eney Interview #1 Transcript of Nov. 26, 2003 interview

Bob Eney Interview #2 Transcript of Jan. 21, 2004 interview


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