Bill Struever

Bill Struever

Carl W. “Bill” Struever, founder and CEO of Struever Brothers, Eccles and Rouse, came to Baltimore 30 years ago after graduating from college, helping his mother, a new teacher at Johns Hopkin, fix up her new house in return for room and board. He is credited with helping to revitalize Baltimore, redeveloping much of the city’s aging industrial waterfront industrial spaces and Brownfields into high-tech offices and residences, in the process, earning the respect of many traditionally anti-development Fell’s Pointers.

In this interview, Bill tells his stories of Fell's Point. The interview was conducted in his Tide Point conference room, Baltimore, MD on February 6, 2004 by Jacquie and Kraig Greff of Tonal Vision LLC in preparation for the documentary, Fell's Point Out of Time.

Bill Struever Interview Transcript of Feb. 6, 2004 interview


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